Will Light Fire Starter

PACK Fire Starter

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The Pack

You’ve been backpacking or camping for days and the weather is getting worse. What you need is a good hot fire to provide warmth and a hot meal. Everything is damp and finding the required materials is going to be time consuming and difficult. 

It can be easier. With the Will Light Fire Starter you just place it on the ground, stack the woody material on top (does not require dry tinder or kindling) and light the fuse. The ignition will burn materials that could not be ignited otherwise creating a hot core and a sustainable fire quickly.

The Pack is a favorite of hunters, backpackers and paddlers.

  • Convenient; smaller than a hockey puck
  • Powerful; will ignite materials that couldn't be burned otherwise.
  • Easy; simply stack on the woody material and light the fuse
  • Dependable; water and wind proof, works in any weather condition

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