About Us

It all started when

in 2014 my oldest son and I were enjoying a cold beverage at a resort while we watched a guy with a pile of cardboard and firewood struggle to start a fire. We started brainstorming ideas on “How It Could Be Easier” when he mentioned that you should just “Light A Fuse.” That started a journey that quickly became an obsession to find a way to simplify the fire building process so that anyone, anywhere can have the best opportunity to create a fire.

The Will Light Fire Starter is a truly unique product that provides powerful fire starting capabilities enabling the creation of a fire with larger, wetter materials in less than ideal conditions. Developed by Wayne Kennedy with the support of his family and years of prototype development and field testing, the Will Light Fire Starter is now a reality. The company is currently based in Tacoma WA and will be setting up operations in Cody WY in the summer of 2018. While we have had unsolicited interest from HSN and various wholesalers, distributors and retailers we want to grow the brand slowly while focusing on quality and innovation. Every single customer plays an important role in our growth and success and we take your feedback seriously.

Our family values the time we spend together outdoors and I believe the Will Light Fire Starter will add value to your outdoor endeavors. I look forward to reaching new customers and would love to hear about your experiences so I can continue to innovate and improve.

Wayne Kennedy

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