Press Release

Amazing New Fire Starter Provides Comfort And Security
Simple, Compact And Powerful, This Fire Starter
Will Change The Way You Build Fires


By: Wayne Kennedy

February 16, 2018

Tacoma, WA: Most campers start a fire with a small flame that must be coaxed into a fire that is hot enough to provide warmth and coals for cooking. Will Light Fire Starter takes a different approach and utilizes an exceptionally high ignition temperature to develop a hot core quickly. This approach allows the use of larger, less desirable materials and will allow any camper, regardless of skill level to create a fire quickly and easily, even in poor weather.

The favorite nighttime camping activity of 81% of all campers is “Hanging Out By The Campfire” according to the 2016 American Camper Report. Creating a sustainable fire takes time and can be challenging even in ideal conditions. Wayne Kennedy, the creator of Will Light Fire Starters explains: “Our goal was to simplify the fire building process and give campers the ability to establish a sustainable fire quickly and easily.” To accomplish this Will Light Fire Starter combines simplicity and extremely high temperatures to create a fire. To use just extend the fuse, place on the ground, stack woody material on top and light the fuse. The ignition is hot enough to ignite materials that may not burn otherwise and quickly creates a hot core. Now any camper can have the comfort and security of being able to create a fire when it counts.

The Will Light Fire Starter is wind and water proof with an unlimited shelf life and comes in a variety of sizes to meet any need. From the Pocket (smaller than a can of chew) to the Pack (the size of a hockey puck) and the Camp (1/2 roll duct tape) you can keep one in your RV, vehicle and backpack and be prepared for any circumstance.

About Will Light Fire Starter; Will Light Fire Starter is a startup that grew out of a “How could it be easier” brain storming session while watching someone struggling to build a fire. Those ideas grew into an obsession to develop a new concept in fire starters and after countless prototypes and extensive field testing Will Light Fire Starter was created. The founder; Wayne Kennedy has spent his lifetime outdoors and brings this experience and a personal commitment to quality to this endeavor. For more information please visit or contact Wayne Kennedy at


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