What is the Will Light Fire Starter?

Have you ever struggled to start a fire?  Have you spent a large amount of time trying to find kindling and dry material to start your fire?  Have you practiced with your fire starter to make sure it will perform when the time comes?  How will rain and high winds or frozen fingers affect your ability to build a fire?

With the Will Light Fire Starter starting a fire has never been easier.  Will Light is a self contained, compact, very powerful fire starter that will provide ignition of wet and oversized fuels without the need for kindling or accelerants in the most adverse weather conditions possible.

From the survivalist, hunter, backpacker or fisherman who wants to be prepared to the recreational camper who struggles with starting a fire or the commercial timber harvester who needs to effectively remove slash piles without using accelerants, Will Light is ideal. Just pile on the fuel, wet or oversized, in the wind or rain and light the fuse. The multistage combustion will generate heat that's hot enough to dry out wet wood and create a hot fire.  The ability to easily create a hot fire is valuable for anyone who is in a survival situation or wants to have a roaring fire quickly.

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